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Frank K.
Age 13 years old
Age Uganda
Age Boy

Frank K.'s Story

Frank used to stay in a rented house with his dad and sister when he was young but later his father brought him to Kampala and left him in custody of his alcoholic uncle. He doesn’t remember how old he was but later on his uncle was kicked out of the house for failure to pay rent. At this time, there was no food at home and his uncle used to beat and torture him. This situation forced Frank to run away from home and started staying on the streets. He got some friends who introduced him to selling chewing gum on the streets especially during heavy traffic jam or around the traffic lights. He used to save some money and would pay school fees for himself at a public primary School because he loves school so much.
He got friends who were doing the same business but they had a home and they introduced Frank to their mother.
One fateful day, Frank was with his friends on the streets doing business when a car rammed into a group of these kids and 5 of them died on spot, one of them being Frank’s friend. Because of the trauma he went through, Frank stopped selling chewing gum on the streets and the friend’s mom decided to take him in. The challenge is that she can’t afford to pay school fees for him yet Frank loves going to school.

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